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Ultrasound imaging of the scrotum uses sound waves to produce pictures of a male's testicles and surrounding tissues. It is the primary method used to help evaluate disorders of the testicles, epididymis tubes immediately next to the testicles that collect sperm and scrotum. Ultrasound is safe,...
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Pia, natoa jasho jingi, so help me. Dear Eve, when I have sex I take too long to ejaculate.
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Metrics details. Recent studies have shown cytoplasmic droplets to be normal morphological occurrences in human male spermatozoa.
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By Lisa Ryan For Dailymail. It is one sexual health message no one can claim to have missed - wearing a condom helps prevent unwanted pregnancy, and protects against sexually transmitted diseases.
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Current legislation requires a 6 month quarantine of sperm. Although with advances in certain infection testing, the majority of tests nowadays would be able to detect infection with a window less than 3 months. This could in the future cut...
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